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Three dogs, years of experience and dissatisfaction from the competition led to the opening of Steamin’ Clean Carpet Cleaning…A family owned company with family values; we pride ourselves on not only knowing the trade but truly giving you the best quality from our family to yours.
Our Great Dane LOVES the mud- this is a picture of him after he took a My name is Nathan Castle and my family and I are located in Simpsonville, SC.  I have years of experience from working with a family owned business in Camden, SC where I learned many different carpet cleaning techniques including disaster relief.
Throughout my career in the military, I continued to work part time as needed.  After leaving the military, I decided to follow another career aspiration, to be a fireman. I joined the department in 2007 and absolutely love my job! This led to my completion of an Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science degree from Greenville Tech College.
While working as a full time fireman and completing my associate’s degree, I called on local carpet cleaning companies to clean my carpet since I was limited on time. I was so disappointed at the quality of work that I was stuck paying for. Through the years and now having three dogs, I really found myself not being able to rely on others and cleaning my carpet myself.
This led me back to my roots, my family and I decided to open up Steamin’ Clean Carpet Cleaning in the upstate of South Carolina, so you have someone to rely on. In this economy, the last thing you want to do is buy new carpet. My family and I got to the point that we were embarrassed to even invite friends and family over because of the stains our dogs have left.  So when we say we understand, we really do…
Good quality work is what we provide, dependable service at a low cost. We want you to trust in our family to provide the best carpet cleaning for your home or business, guaranteed!