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Why Call a Professional?
  • There are many different types of commercial carpet cleaning machines out there but typically are not strong enough to clean your carpet to rid of molds, bacterial, soil and dirt
  • Think about the amount of money you spend on a carpet cleaner, solutions, time, etc. Save by letting a professional do the work for you. Below is a graphic to compare carpet cleaners.
  • Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis can not only extend the life of your carpet but save you money; the cost of replacing your carpet can be in the thousands. The dirt left in the carpet causes excessive wear in the fibers which will in turn cause the carpet to not last as long
  • A clean carpet is extremely important for those who have allergies or breathing problems. Think about the filters in your house, all the dirt and dander build-up over time. Your carpet also collects all this dirt and dander too. Below is a chart from the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) that gives a suggestion in when carpet should be cleaned. You can click here to go to the EPA's website for more information.
  • If your carpet is not properly cleaned, it will end up smelling bad. Carpet cleaning should remove odors from pets, smoking, etc.- not add to them
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